Everything is connected! SurfCT is committed to helping build and grow sustainable practices that will ultimately result in financial freedom for our clients. We recently learned that many practices have 401(k) plans that have excessive and even hidden fees. Excessive fees slowly erode retirement accounts! We would be remiss if we helped you generate more profit but did not wave a red flag if those savings were flying out the door in fees. I was recently introduced to America’s Best 401k, a firm that eliminates brokers, commissions and unnecessary middlemen. Tony Robbins featured them in his latest book, UNSHAKEABLE, and is on their board of advisors. I decided to get behind their mission (because its simply the right thing to do) and help our clients receive a complimentary review of their plan along with a free copy of Tony’s book! It only takes a few minutes of your time and the results will surprise you!

– Paul Vigario